Zurich Polizei

‘OoDa OoDa OoDa’. 
Nothing like the unique sound of a police siren in Europe to remind you
you’re in another part of the world. 
On and off all night long. 
Interpol must have been chasing Jason Bourne.  He got away. 

I’m honestly not complaining.  I love the strange noises of a new place – even early in the
morning.  Just one of many obvious
reminders you are in a different world. 
Checked out another this morning — a church built, oh, about a
thousand years ago.   Now
that’s a piece of history.  So are
the tiny, cobblestone lanes that weave in and around town.  Every restaurant has half a dozen
tables outside and even on a Monday night the streets are full of folks
wandering around.  Excellent people

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watching – and best of all – dinner took a while.  No rushing you out the door here folks, you’re supposed to
hang out and take in the atmosphere.

We stayed at a place called Martahaus in the old part of
Zurich.  Found it when I googled
‘cheap hotels Zurich’.  Clean.  Five minutes from the train
station.  A notch above a hostel,
but not by much.  Went for a jog
this morning with my wife – spotted 3 Starbucks.  A grande latte runs for about 7.50 swiss francs (7 bucks
Canadian).  We kept on running!

Travel tip: 
when crossing any street look both ways side to side, behind you, out
front, and then all four again before proceeding.  There are so many traffic circles feeding cars, trolleys,
buses and bikes…. That you can’t take your eyes off the road even for a

If we weren’t so obviously tourists I’m sure we’d have been
clipped.  Aha!  While acting like a tourist might get
you robbed…. At least you’re not flattened by a trolley.

There are tons of Smart cars all over town.  At $1.75 a litre for gas – not
surprised.  Best use of a smart car?  Parked on a busy street between two
SUV’s— but the driver had backed in with his front facing out into the
street.  They’re so small you can
actually do that, and use up half the space.  Hey city of Calgary— not a bad concept to create more room
downtown!  (Just trying to be

Big train day tomorrow.  Bye bye Switzerland bonjour France. Basel to Paris to
Caen.  (Normandy beaches) 

Can’t wait to practice my French…. As it’s been exactly 30
years since I dropped it after Grade 8. 

Au revoir.