Welcome To Europe


A reasonably uneventful flight to Zurich, with a couple of
surprises.  Our flight was a
charter through Vancouver.  I
thought ‘direct’ meant it would start in Vancouver, pick up the Calgary folks
and whisk us away.  Oops.  It actually begins that way at the
start of the season, but returns Zurich-Calgary-Vancouver on its weekly route.
So, we caught the return Calgary-Vancouver western leg, before heading east
again to Switzerland.   Make sense?  It means we added about 3 hours in
flying time and delays to our overnight flight. Sigh.

I’ve never been a good ‘sleep on the plane’ kind of
guy.  Usually too fidgety.  I picked up some Melotonin 3 at the

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drug store hoping to get wiped out for the late night stuff… to no avail.  Still fidgety, but in a dopey way.  Weirdest part of all, they come in a
‘melt in your mouth’ lozenge form. 
Didn’t sleep a wink, but my breath was sweet.

We packed really light.  One small carry-on size luggage each and they all made it
safely.  Hopped a train to take us
to the main rail station which is close to our hotel.  

This is really embarrassing – but we arrived not knowing
what language they speak in Switzerland. 
I honestly wasn’t sure. 
Swiss?  I’m hearing German, French, you name it.  Not sure how to greet people!

We all truly want to
attempt the basics at communication — but it quickly became ‘just ask in
English and hope they’re bilingual”. 
Of course in Europe most people speak several languages, and we were on
our way. 

Note to self: google “what do people speak
in Switzerland”!

Remember the ‘don’t act like a tourist advice I got?   Maybe tomorrow.

Travellor Tip:

earplugs – a life saver on the plane and at our noisy hotel.