The Homestretch – November 26, 2007

Long Johns, two pairs of socks and my boots, two pairs of gloves, the biggest sweater in my closet, my coat buttoned to my chin, my hat pulled down and a scarf wrapped tightly around my face.

All that is exposed is a little strip so I can (kind of) see where I’m going.

It’s minus 18 and I have to take transit!

I walk to the bus stop, cold, grumpy and tired.

Getting on the bus I ask the driver, as sweetly as I can muster,  ”Can I have a transfer.”

“No.” He jokes.

 In my head:  Listen buddy, its minus freaking 18, I can’t feel my feet and I have a 90 minute commute ahead of me.  CAN WE PLEASE not pick today to joke around?

Out loud: I laugh, “Can I please have a transfer?”

I take my seat.  Today I get why everyone is quiet.  I do not want to talk to anyone, I do not want to be here and after a few blocks… I’m starting to sweat from all the layers I’m wearing.

 I hate this.

 I get off downtown, go up to the coffee shop at artspace and get my coffee.  Wishing any store was open because as grumpy as I am at this moment, it would be nice to spend a little money!

The c-train comes right away.  Transit is as easy to take as it has been…   but its still cold. 

 I get off the train, stop inside the Barlow/MaxBell station to re-tie my scarf around my face and begin my 15 minute trek into work. 

 Door to door – 90 miserable minutes.

 1/2 hour later, I’m warm, I’ve re-applied my make up, fixed my toque ruined hair and I admit.

 It will be a happy reunion between me and my car tomorrow!