Summer Vacation In Europe 2007

3 more
sleeps until we leave (july 22).  Planes, trains and automobiles as the
Gillies family runs around Europe. On paper, it should be a hoot.  We’ll
have to wait and see if it turns into a Chevy Chase nightmare!

Kandi, Liam (13) and Laura (11), scrambling to see as much as possible.  2
weeks organized tour, 2 weeks free-for-all.

Zurich, Caen (Normandy), Bordeaux (Hourtin), Rome…. just to name a few.


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hostels and camping.  Car rental, eurorail and bus.  We’ll even
toss in an overnight train trip from Paris to Rome with a couple of strangers
for good measure.  I figure we’ll either become friends for life…… or
I’ll have a really long rant to tell you about!

hoping this will be a fun adventure, provide some good insights for anyone else
thinking of going, and — fulfill a longtime dream for our family.

out the money belt today, thinkin’ I’m going to hate this thing.  Oh well,
at least it helps keep the gut sucked in after ten days of pancake breakfasts!