Rocket Attacks

By Ross Lord in Kandahar:

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First, we heard the whistle.
Some of us heard the bang.
All of us heard the air attack siren.
Yep, another rocket attack at the Kandahar Air Field.
Actually, 2 rockets fired in rapid succession from somewhere near Kandahar City.
Difficult to tell what it was at first, because we were experiencing a wicked thunder storm at the time.
According to the Public Affairs Officers at KAF, neither rocket caused any damage or injury — unlike some previous attacks which have injured soldiers.
Even before we were informed of the rockets’ lack of impact, any sense of urgency or danger was hidden beneath conversations about which dvd’s we were watching, or, about to watch — at the time of the attacks.
(I had just settled in to watch Talladega Nights, The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby, when I heard the rocket go overhead.)
“Hello, how are you? I thought I should tell you we just got rocketed,” I informed our news desk back in Vancouver.
These events barely rate a mention on our newscasts anymore.
Such is the nature of news.
How quickly human nature allows us to adapt to situations that — only one year ago — would have been extremely un-nerving.
Don’t get me wrong.
It’s still a powerful reminder of where we are, and, how we’re viewed by the Taliban.
And, we are very thankful no-one was hit.
But, to tell you the truth, I was more startled a little while later — when a mouse ran past the back of the lap-top after I resumed watching the movie.
Hilarious. The movie, I mean.