Ready to come home

The final few days of the tour brings us back to Paris
again.  Not a quick stop to switch
trains, this time a chance to check out some of the sights.  Notre Dame, The Louvre (Mona is looking
good!), the Eiffel Tower (you’ve got to see it sparkle at night), and a half
dozen other stops.  A great way to
wind up a run through Europe.

We said goodbye to our travel mates today with a feeling of
sadness.  It’s amazing how close
you can become when you’re tossed into a foreign world for a couple of
weeks.  7 families from across
North America… taking on Europe.

We’d just finished a night time boat tour of the River Seine
in Paris when we bid each other adieu. 
Promises of ‘keeping in touch’, ‘emails’, that kind of thing.  But deep down you know the chance of
seeing each other again is probably slim. 
It really was an adventure. 

4 of the families return home on Friday, with the remaining
3 (including us) either extending the trip a little longer or heading to their
departure city.  We have one more
train ride (Paris to Zurich) Saturday and then fly home to Calgary on

We’re ready.  

While this ‘trip of a lifetime’ really has surpassed our
expectations, Calgary is on the mind right now.  And that’s a really good feeling.  Knowing we’ve just seen some of the world’s most famous
cities, walked through history, marveled at masterpieces……  and still believe there’s no place like

A final look at the hits and misses should you be
considering an adventure…. Next.