mother nature weighs in

After more than a week of being bombarded with some of the
greatest creations by human hand…. A reminder of another power today. 

We’ve moved north from Italy for a few days into Austria and
Switzerland.  The ‘canvas’ is no
longer a ceiling or marble, it’s the Alps.  Heading in I thought this would be an ‘okay’ time because
we’re so blessed with our Rocky mountains at home.  But it really is different.  We set up shop in the town of Wengen, Switzerland huddled in
the shadow of the famous “Eiger” peak. (Clint Eastwood fans know all about this

That’s the biggest difference from home.  Weaved throughout the base of literally
every mountain in the Alps are dozens of little towns, houses and chalets.  It’s amazing how they’ve all been built
so high up and frankly, what on earth people do there to pay the bills.  

We were enjoying a wonderful hike high up in the shadow of
the Eiger admiring the view, when Mother nature pulled out all the stops.

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A huge avalanche of snow broke off a peak and rumbled down the
mountain.  It spilled down sounding
like a thousand fireworks being set off.

All Swiss cows wear various sizes of cowbells.  Deep in the valley a chorus of  ‘clanging’ echoed right up to our
location.  A strangely beautiful
concert, kind of like a Grade 1 Christmas hand bell performance involving your
children.  (except the cows were a
teensy bit better!)

Half way down the mountain we came upon a dairy cow that had
just given birth to twins.  We
watched in amazement as ‘Mom” helped clean them both off and encouraged them to
take their first steps.

It was a day to remember that some of the most beautiful
things in the world can be found anywhere,  if you just take the time to notice.