Monday, November 19th

I’ve always loved the idea of not having to drive. It’s very “big city”. Those that live in London, New York or Toronto – don’t necessarily need a car – those cities are known for their amazing tube/subway systems.. Ah but the common complaint in Calgary is that you NEED a car. We’ve become known for our love of large gas guzzling SUVs and Escalades.

I’d ride transit… but the transit system in this city – sucks”

I’ve heard that a few times.

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Okay, but does it really?

There are many reasons to take transit. Its very green (and green, after all is the new black), its social (in theory) and I won’t get (another) photo radar ticket on the deerfoot or have to fill up my tank quite so often.

All good plusses.

And then – there are reasons NOT to take transit.

November in Calgary is winter.

Not to mention, the extra time it will take, the hassle, the crowds…

Still in the spirit of adventure… I’m parking my civic outside my country hills condo and leaving it there for 7 days.

No exception.

My adventure begins with a visit to 杭州夜生活calgarytransit杭州龙凤 to figure out how on earth I get to work at global for 9 Tuesday morning. Its enough to make me want to quit right away. The site is very easy to use – you type in the address of where you’ll begin your journey, where you want to end up and the time you need to get there.

I’m told I need to take a bus, another bus all the way downtown, then the train up to Barlow/Maxbell station and then a third bus or a 10 minute walk! Total time: 45 – 60 minutes versus a 20 minute drive straight down the deerfoot.

This could be a long week.

Heather Yourex