Home on the range


Really, what are the chances?  The one campground in all of France we’ve decided to spend a
week at….. has a ‘wild west’ theme.

Welcome to La Rotunde campground in Hourtin.  

Wagon wheels and Winchesters.  Tex-Mex dining and pony rides.  Don’t forget the tomahawk tossing tomorrow at 10.

Having just survived another Stampede, my cowboy boots have
been safely tucked away for another year. 
Would I have been a hit if I’d brought them along! 

Our arrival here is a total fluke connected to a woman my
wife met while traveling Europe 20 years ago.  Kandi and Heike kept in touch.  Heike and Herve holiday here. 

So, it’s Heike and Herve and Kandi and Gord and Liam and
Laura in Tombstone.  All we need is

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Roy and Trigger to whip us up one rootin’ tootin’ good movie.  The adventure never stops.  No lie—we popped by the stables the
other day to see the horses and were chased by three sheep!  

Mutton aside, it’s a great campground.  A ten minute walk to a huge lake with
beautiful beaches and a twenty minute drive to the ocean.  Hey, the western stuff makes it feel
like home.  

Liam won the knife throw today—the only lad to make it stick
in the target.  Initially proud,
now somewhat worried.  Where did he
learn to do that?