For What it’s Worth – Lethbridge

For What it’s Worth

December 19, 2007


“And ye shall bloggeth the truth.”  Anonymous


I see a lot of potential in the ‘blog,’ (short for the Latin
phrase ‘weblog,’) so I’m diving in with my own, “For What it’s Worth,” (I really
like to get in on a trend in it’s early stages).  On a semi-frequent basis, I plan to cover a wide range of
topics.  Expect to find a lot of
thoughts on Southern Albertan sports (the Lethbridge Hurricanes, high school
athletics, toupee chasing) and whatever else fuels my muse (the NHL Draft,
Leeds United football, George Parros’ mustache).


And because I want to give any readers full value, I’ll
include a price tag (For What it’s Worth-FWIW, get it?) to my thoughts.   The higher the price, the more I’m inclined
to believe in what I’ve written.


For example:

FWIW: $1500.00-The New England Patriots are a good football

Story continues below


FWIW: $138.90-Roger Clemens used steroids as much as Barry
Bonds did.

FWIW: $.06-Chris Simon will win the NHL Lady Byng award.


Some entries will be long, insightful (*fingers crossed*)
and thought provoking.  Others will be
shorter, amusing (*fingers crossed*) quick hits.


So stay tuned, jump on the FWIW bandwagon while there’ plenty of good seats and warn your friends.