Day 4 – November 23


Its a valuable little commodity.  We want more, we need more and when we get it… we fill it up and fast.

Taking transit forces you to relax for the hour you spend en route… but man!

 It eats up precious chunks of the day.

I took two busses home last night after my family’s american-thanksgiving dinner. 

It was pretty easy… both the 19 and the 301 were on time – to the minute!  (Not to mention – taking transit meant I could have that second glass of wine)

 Still it took an hour… where driving would take 20 minutes. 

 This morning – same complaint. 

 I have a lovely walk along a pathway to the bus stop, the 301 comes constantly.  I never have to wait, I can get a seat most days and everyone is so quiet, I get to see the new clothes on display at those really cool little stores in Art Space and then I get another 20 minutes of quiet walking before the business of the day.

 Still … door to door… getting to work takes an hour and a half!

Transit takes Time.  No doubt about it.


I think something strange happens to commuters when we step on a bus.  We enter our own little ”solo” transit world. Nearly a hundred people in a confined space, acting as though no one else exists. 

 It’s a little creepy.

This morning on my commute, I got a call from Fraser and Candice from The Show on X 92.9.  As I spoke about the experience of the week, I was the only person making any noise whatsoever on that very crowded bus. No one even looked up.  Even when I started talking, quite loudly  about how quiet everyone else was …  nothing!

It was if I wasn’t even there.

A transit twilight zone moment?

Or more likey: I  was just that loud mouthed – annoying commuter who talks on her cell phone and expects everyone to care about her business.

 Yes, come to think of it… thats much more likely. 

I’ll be quiet tomorrow.