5 Star adventure

If you are ever traveling in west France near the Bordeaux
region this is an absolute ‘must’ to visit.  Dune du Pilat – deemed a National site (like our national
parks), it’s about an hour west of Bordeaux.  Picture any huge Sahara desert dune from the movies and drop
it beside the ocean.  But instead
of some poor sap stumbling along the top looking for an oasis, this dune is crawling with people out for some

You can climb the dune any place you want as it stretches
for about half a kilometer and is 350 meters high.  Some of the finest sand you’ll ever feel, sloped steeply up
one side and down the other.  Most
people take the stairs (about a thousand!) to reach the first level, and then
hike the rest of the way to the top. 
Others go straight up from the bottom, but it takes twice the time and

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ten times the effort. 

At the top you can look out across the ocean as far as the
eye can see.  Hundreds of people
relaxing, flying kites, paragliding, or heading down the other side.  It’s huge. After soaking up the view
for a few minutes it was time for some fun.  We ran straight down the other side ‘full out’ to the
ocean.  You really can do it
because even if you wipe out, you land in some of the softest sand in the
world.  It ends up becoming a
series of ‘super leaps’ flying down the dune.  An absolute hoot. 

Once you hit the ocean it’s like any other beach full of
swimmers, body surfers and lifeguards. 
Enjoy – but make sure you save some energy!  You still have to climb back up again without the help of
stairs.  At the end of the day
you’ve hit the beach, the ocean and taken part in a super cardio workout!  Top it off with another series of
‘super leaps’ down the ‘really’ steep side, and you’ve had a five star

Liam and Laura say it’s been the most fun day so far.  No argument from Mom and Dad. 

Writers Note: 
we have fantastic photos of everything I’ve blogged about so far
including the Dune du Pilat, but I’m having major issues adding the pix to the
blogs.  I’ll keep trying, but
suffice to say – my descriptions just don’t cut it for any of this stuff.  Sorry!